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Corporate Education Page

Our students can enroll in our program live while working full time, and if a company wants exclusive cohorts, we will deliver that in-house for a minimum of 5 students.

Unlike most executive education programs, we spend no money on advertising or marketing, and our administration comprises a part-time support team.

We do all of this by focusing on optimizing the three sources of value for any educational program.

  1. Focus all resources on curating and providing quality bespoke industry-focused education.

  2. No restrictions on entry into the program. The standard business education value model only takes those that test well but spends a lot of program and student resources on gatekeeping and marketing.

  3. Maintaining brand value: The University of British Columbia is a top 40 global institution, and BRIMM is a leading mining institute within UBC. We are not contracted to a third-party universal education provider; we are industry lecturers with academic training.

We issue the Mining and Exploration Economics Micro Certificate from the Bradshaw Research Initiative in Metals and Mining at The University of British Columbia.

So what is our ask? Give us your employees, and we will give them new skills in making value-creating decisions; we will do it for a fraction of the cost of an MBA or a traditional masters in mineral economics. We will not require them to take time off their job, and after BRIMM101, our first course start to bring an active, higher performing, and economically relevant perspective to your company’s triple bottom line.

The cost is $895 a course and $6265 for the program; there is no travel, no per diem, and not time off work.

Want to see a class session, let us know. We have recorded all of them and are happy for you to see any of them. Want to talk to our graduates? We have an active community on Linkedin.

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