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Our Team

We would like to introduce you to our BRIMM team!

Ben Murphy

Ben, not to be mistaken for Benjamin, is a metallurgist/mineral processor. The first part of his career was spent working at different mine sites around the world. This was where he developed his love of bubbles. He then flipped to the ‘dark side’ of equipment sales and has worked for several OEMs both in his native Australia and in the Americas. It was during this time he started thinking about how the equipment is used in processing plants and how paradigms around the equipment often hold the industry back. He also started working with Benjamin and focusing on how to unlock value in mining operations. Currently, he works for FLSmidth looking after a large copper miner and three large gold miners along with shepherding FLSmidth’s efforts in the gold space. He lives in Denver Colorado with his wife and three small, but particularly loud, kids.

Benjamin Cox

Benjamin, not Ben, the taller but skinnier non-beer drinking part of B^2, is a medieval historian who got lost while studying the economic causes of the black death and ended up dealing with the economics around mineral processing. On the way, he has detoured and put together Oreninc (which tracked all junior financing for five years), Aston Bay Holdings, which did a deal with BHP on its copper project. Plus, Benjamin has the dubious distinction of working for a hedge fund during the last financial crisis. He has five kids, one dog, one wife, and knows how to swing a hammer when he is broke (which due to the detour to the mining industry with a large family seems to happen way too frequently). He is also writing a Ph.D. under John and Nadja on water economics in mining. He can be paid with dark chocolate if you need a favour.

Dana Caudle

Dana Caudle, M.Sc., has been working with the BRIMM team since March 2019 as the research administrator. Her roles range from organizing research and funding on the research side, to university coordination and finances for the Mining Education program. If you have any payment or UBC questions, feel free to email her at She’s also an alumnus of the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences department at UBC, having earned her Masters degree studying REE-bearing minerals in pegmatites.

Ella Epshteyn

Ella Epshteyn, EdD has versatile experience in higher education - as a faculty, instructional designer, technologist, and project manager. She is the CEO of ATTECS, LLC - a Boston-based startup providing instructional design, technology, and support services to higher education institutions. She has been a lead technology and program consultant at BRIMM since September 2020.

John Steen

John Steen was born in Tasmania. He says it’s not the end of the earth, but you can see it from there. As a boy he was the kid with the huge rock collection who got a geology pick for his birthday. At the age of 7 he designed his first mine plan for the back yard, complete with overly optimistic projections of gold mineralization. He became interested in science and technology at the University of Tasmania and completed a PhD in biochemistry, but figured out he was a terrible lab scientist. He then finished a PhD in innovation strategy at the University of Queensland and was later head of the entrepreneurship and strategy department at UQ Business School. He joined the University of British Columbia in 2019 as the EY Distinguished Scholar in Global Mining Futures and is Director at the Bradshaw Research Initiative in Mining and Minerals at UBC. In his free time he likes skiing and playing classical guitar and wishes he was better at both.

Muqeet Nasir

Muqeet is an enthusiastic professional in the mining and mineral processing space. As a program assistant at BRIMM, he enjoys going over all assignment submissions and communicating with students. He is an alumnus from UBC's Mining Engineering program and is passionate about learning new ways to take the industry forward. 

Reza Parvizi

Reza is a 3rd year marketing student at Sauder School of Business, UBC. He started a marketing position with BRIMM in March of 2021 and has been working with the team ever since then. His roles in BRIMM range from marketing courses, social media management, website management, scholarships, and communication regarding courses with students. You can reach him via email at

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